5 Top Reasons To Have An LED Illuminated Sign

One of the greatest modern inventions in the signage industry is the LED filament bulb sign. There are so many reasons these signs are amazing, but we've managed to narrow it down to a top 5. If you're looking for a new sign for your company or business, look no further!

1) They're Cheaper

Yes you read that right - they are a whopping 88% cheaper to run than the traditional incandescent bulbs of the past. The older bulbs spend 80% of their electricity usage simply heating up, not illuminating. So swap your old bulbs for the strikingly bright LED.

2) They Last Longer

An average LED bulb will last 100,000 hours - that's eleven years of being turned on 24/7. Only need it switched on for an 8-hour working day? You should get 22 years out of each bulb. That's a lot of illuminated goodness for your business!

3) They're Eco-Friendly (or friendlier!)

No toxic chemicals are needed to create these beauties, unlike bulbs of the past that contained mercury. They're fully recyclable when you need to dispose of them. They can also help cut your company's carbon emissions significantly!

4) Low UV Light

UV is pretty bad when it comes to effects on human skin, antiques and artifacts. It can also damage many types of fabrics. If you're dealing with light-sensitive objects (or people!) re-think the type of bulb you're using - LED bulbs are so much friendlier!

5) Perfect For Outdoors

Irish weather is notoriously water-heavy. In other words, you need an outdoor bulb that can survive (and shine) in whatever our lovely island has to throw at it. LED bulbs work in cold weather (and hot, if you're optimistic about the summer); they can withstand the shock of an earthquake (well you never know...) and they're low voltage.

What more do you need? Get in touch and order your LED illuminated sign today.