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We have a range of self-adhesive Social Distancing floor markers available. Also safety and information self-adhesive signs for walls, windows & desk counters, reminding workers, staff, customers and the general public of the advised safety precautions we need to take.

Any of the text or graphics can be customised if required, we can also customise the design, shape and size of any of the signs to your requirements. We are only using high grade long life quality materials as the need for lasting high wear and tear signs is important for long term use.

We can also design and bespoke manufacture suitable safety screens for your business, which can include appropriate COVID 19 safety information applied to the screen or the counter and can include signs for pick up and payment points and floor markers that notify customers not to pass the line.

Below are some of our Self-adhesive, Social Distancing Floor Markers, Safety Signs, Stickers and bespoke protective sneeze screens.