What Aluminium Sign Should I Buy?

There are three types of aluminium signs available: standard aluminium, brushed aluminium and reflective aluminium. So what's best for your business? Here's the Sign Select guide to aluminium signs to help you decide.

Standard Aluminium Signage

These are standard aluminium - long-lasting and simple. The least expensive of all three options, it is durable yet versatile. Signs can be printed on both sides, with paint drying in a matte finish. Standard aluminium signs are lightweight and portable. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and with proper installation and maintenance should last at least five years.

Brushed Aluminium Signage

Stylish and elegant, brushed aluminium signs are created using the natural metallic colouring of the material. Always a favourite with companies looking for a professional way to enhance their lobby with wayfinding systems, these versatile signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Just like their standard version, with good maintenance and proper installation, they last at least five years.

Reflective Aluminium Signage

The reflective element in these signs add an extra level of visibility in the dark when light shines on them. Your sign's design is printed onto a special vinyl overlay, which is then joined onto the aluminium. Mostly used for safety signs, car park signage, roadside signage and warning signs. As with the other two options, reflect aluminium signs are great indoors and outdoors and have a lifespan of at least five years.

We hope this quick guide helped you in your decision making - if you have any queries or what like a quote, please get in touch with the Sign Select team.